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Company Profile
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APPI, Inc. was formed by Mr. Manuel Rangel III in response to the need for reality based computing in the scientific world. With cutbacks in all phases of society , especially in government and scientific operations, the need for cost-effective computer operations has become the number one priority. With this in mind Mr. Rangel, started a company dedicated to solving problems using off the shelf (OTS) software and hardware, eliminating the need for on-site programmers and computer personnel, thus reducing costs, and teaching the user that he has  the ability to react to the customer immediately, rather than relying on others to change programs or hardware.
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Deseret Chemical Depot

img8.gif (2601 bytes) APPI, Inc. is the contractor that provides Meteorological support to the U.S. Army Deseret Chemical Depot in Tooele, Utah. The team consists of three Meteorologists responsible for forecasts on the depot 7days a week 24 hours a day.


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APPI, Inc. was tasked by the U.S. Army to upgrade and simplify the Army's Surface Automated Meteorological System at several TECOM facilities. APPI, Inc. accompished this task and continues to provide technical support to many of these sites.

1115 Hare Rd.
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88007
Phone: (575) 541-8800